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The Urban Rebel team have worked in electronic music PR for over 20 years. Whether you are an emerging talent looking to breakthrough or an established industry name, we can create a custom PR strategy built around you. Find out more about how to breakthrough and learn more about music PR and promotion in our series of posts and resources.


How 90s Dance Pop Shapes Today’s Culture

Sure, the 90s were a whirlwind of raving and weird fashion. But at the heart of it all, there was dance pop. It wasn’t (and still isn’t) just a genre; it was a cultural phenomenon that left an indelible mark on the world. But what’s truly fascinating, to us at least, is how those beats, sounds and trends of 90s dance pop are found throughout today’s culture.

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Guerrilla Music Marketing: Can it Work for Pop Music?

We’ve seen it work its magic for fringe acts, rock stars, punks, wild artists and many lesser-known talents – but guerilla music marketing for pop music? Surely that’s an oxymoron?! How could a marketing tactic rooted in counterculture ever work for something so mainstream?

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Here Comes Summer: How to Promote Your Music in Party Season

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. It won’t last though – so make the most of promoting your music during the summer, before it’s all over.


Music Marketing Strategies for Pop Music Promotion

Urban Rebel PR is officially launching pop music promotion and PR services, to give the next megastars their rightful place at the table. With this exciting new avenue to explore, you might be wondering what kind of music marketing strategies are needed for pop music promotion. After all, it’s noisy – and budgets for the biggest acts are practically industrial in scale. How are new acts supposed to get noticed?

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The Roland TR-909: “Nobody Could Have Predicted This”

This icon of dance music production is perhaps less famous than its older sibling (the 808), but the impact of this device is still felt today.This is our love letter to the Roland TR-909 – its history, why it’s so special, and the legacy it’s left behind for electronic dance music producers today.

“A Grotesque Mockery” – Is AI-generated Music a Step Too Far?

You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen the headline – you might even have tried it. Whatever your experience with it, ChatGPT is unquestionably the hottest thing on the internet right now.

DJs – Make Your New Year’s Resolution Performing with Live Musicians

There will not be a single EDM producer or DJ who’ll be able to do what you do. And whether or not you continue to partner with live players, the experience of doing so will change your musical process for the better.

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A Love Letter to Yamaha: The Company That Changed How We Hear Music

There’s no other way of staying it. Yamaha has changed the way you experience music – and for the better.

What is the Best Christmas Song Ever? The (not very) Scientific Answer

What is the Best Christmas Song? This very question has divided Christmas dinner tables, chats down the pub, and has separated the Scrooges from the Elf-lovers since Christmas began.

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Pro Tips: Take your Dance Music Production to the Next Level

A 16 bar loop does not make a killer track. A hook on its own is nothing. You might have an amazing idea – but what good is it if you never finish it? Let’s take a leaf out of the pro producer playbook, and take your music production to the next level.

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Dance Music PR: Ride the Summer Festival Wave with Your Own Creations

If you’re a creative EDM producer, you might have already had some fun with the barrage of content these festivals have produced. But if not – it’s not too late to get started!

silhouette of crowd at music festival with orange haze so stage is obscured. One person central to the image is sat on her friend's shoulders with her arms up waving to the music.

Who’s Doing the Best PR for EDM Producers Right Now?

Early in 2022, we made some bold predictions about music PR and promotion for the year
ahead. We highlighted some artists that we could see building momentum towards a
release, picked some trends – and gave a nod to the rise of digital PR for music.
So, what did we get right, and who’s really going the extra mile with dance music PR right
now? Let’s get into it.

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Music Producer Jobs: The Skills You REALLY Need to Get Hired

Music producer means a million different things today. But at the heart of it are a few vital skills for landing music producer jobs – and while you won’t need them all, you’ll definitely need to know how it all works if you want to work in the music making business.

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Digital PR for Music

Digital PR for music can be creative, fun – and even get widespread media attention. A digital PR campaign can be extremely useful for any musician or band with an online presence – or online asset that they want to promote, or make more valuable. 

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Music PR in 2022: Here’s What We Predict

2022 might be the beginning of the end for uncertainty in music – and with so much new content to look forward to, it could be one of the most exciting times in music PR. Let’s look ahead to what’s still to come, and our predictions for music PR in 2022.

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Christmas Song Royalties: Could You Make a Festive Hit?

Planning to play Whamageddon this year? It might interest you to know that, every year, George and Andrew’s little ditty rakes in a respectable £300,000 in royalties. Not a bad payday in any line of work. And that’s just UK royalties, not international.

Christmas Song with Bauble

What Makes a Music PR Campaign Great?

When we think about great music PR campaigns, we’re initially drawn to the big budget, global campaigns and world-firsts. Stunts like Wu Tang’s $5 million double album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – or Jamiroquai’s Gig in the Sky – are memorable, record-breaking feats of creativity and marketing. 

But digital and guerilla PR campaigns by creative music PR agency execs and bootstrapping self-starter musicians have had similarly colossal impact. Actually, some of the biggest stars in the world today sowed the seeds of their careers with minimal budget for their PR activities. 

That’s because it takes more than a major budget to make a music PR campaign great. The most important element is always the idea. So, let’s get inspired… 

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How Coronavirus Helped to Diversify Revenue Streams for Producers

For some musicians, producers and DJs, lockdown proved to pose too many challenges for them to keep their careers going. And that’s one of the saddest things about lockdown; it
was kind of a dream killer for a lot of people. But others found viable, sustainable revenue streams in digital content, virtual performances and even in skillshare and collaboration. These opportunities are still available – and places where all kinds of creative individuals can flourish. Let’s look at how musicians found ways to diversify their income streams, and how you can
do it, too.

DJ Set at Festival

Ready for Clubs to Reopen? Dance DJs: Get Booked for Summer

No matter what Covid throws at us, hope remains strong. Recent outdoor festival trials have gone ahead successfully. Preparation is underway for the reopening of nightclubs and dance venues. The dance music scene is more dependant than ever on clubs coming back – but if you are a dance DJ, are you ready to go back to work? Have you got a gig booked yet?
Let’s look at how you can get prepped and get booked this summer, ready for venues to reopen.

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How Do DJs Become Famous?

Luck or skill? Talent or hard work? DJs become famous with a combination of all of the above – but only those who try succeed.

Socially Distanced Dance DJ Set


Easter Eggs in Music

These are some of the best hidden secrets in modern music; from the obvious, to the cryptic – to the downright weird!

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TikTok for DJs: Music Promotion on TikTok

Learn how to harness the power of TikTok to promote your music, performances and personal brand.

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