Dance Music PR: Ride the Summer Festival Wave with Your Own Creations


And summer means festivals. Yep, after lockdowns, gloom, doom and so much uncertainty, we’re finally back into free-flowing feel-good festival vibes!

We’ve already had some huge moments; Glastonbury, BST in Hyde Park, Wireless… and the summer’s just getting started.

And if you’re a creative EDM producer, you might have already had some fun with the barrage of content these festivals have produced. But if not – it’s not too late to get started! And it’s not just fun – it could help your career…

In the wake of Glasto, BST, Wireless Festival, and even smaller local events – we’ll show you how you can use iconic moments to create unique music; and ride the summer festival wave off the back of trending moments at festivals.

silhouette of crowd at music festival with orange haze so stage is obscured. One person central to the image is sat on her friend's shoulders with her arms up waving to the music.

Here’s a dance music PR idea…

Every festival, from your local beer and blues weekender to Glastonbury, has standout, iconic moments – little chunks of time that get imprinted in our minds, forever. Sometimes, you’ve just got to be there. Other times, there are recordings and video clips that perfectly capture the feeling.

And these are ripe for creative tinkering.

Just as these moments become memes, they can become the spark for your own creations. All you have to do is find the most memorable, iconic moments at a festival, and roll with any inspiration they give you.

And there’s always so much to choose from.

Remember this guy? Alex Mann, the unassuming teenager in a bucket hat who came on stage with Dave to deliver one of the most unforgettable moments in recent festival history.Or how about this epic crowd-led singalong from 2010?

What about 2022’s eerie, time-defying duet, shared by Paul and John?

These incredible moments, and so many more, have produced unique clips of audio (and video) that you could remix into your own tracks.

The audio from live festival performances – even with totally different video footage attached – would create shareable tracks that promote your skills, creativity, and marketability as a creator. Just imagine dropping a clip of a track like that on TikTok or Instagram – or a super quick making of video… Instant kudos, and pretty much guaranteed views.

This will help you to keep your relevance throughout the summer of festivals, even if you’re not on any lineups. It also keeps you at pace with the current moment in music, letting you ride the wave of a trend, exactly as it peaks.

And you wouldn’t be alone in doing this.

The “Kate Bush x Stranger Things” effect

If you need any proof that this kind of thing works, just look at Kate Bush’s inclusion on Stranger Things.

Her music appearing on the hit show had very one obvious result; she reached number one in the charts for the first time in decades – and while a pleasant surprise for her and her newly found fanbase, it’s not the reason we bring it up.

The really interesting thing, to us at least, is the sheer volume of content that it sparked.

Covers, remixes, and viral hits. News story after news story. YouTubers ranting about how amazing she is, or old fans bellyaching about how her new fans are posers, or whatever – no matter the content or the context, it just blew up.

It’s all because the Netflix pairing was such an iconic moment in modern cultural memory. The visuals and the theme, the music and the moment in time it was set to… it was just perfect.

The internet went wild – and people watching in their living rooms went wild. It united generations, who at this point in history are all too often pitted against each other.

The 80s kids who remember hearing that song on the radio for the first time. Their parents, who hated hearing it over and over again. And the show’s younger audience, born some 20 years after the track’s initial release.

Content around it has broad appeal, which is why there’s so much of it, and from so many sources.

We’re not saying that you should start making your own Kate Bush remixes or mashups right now – unless you want to, or have an amazing idea of course!

We’re just trying to illustrate the power of jumping on a moment in musical memory – like an iconic scene from a festival – to get your name out among the greats.

There are so many incredible moments at festivals yet to come, and we can’t wait to see what you all make with them…

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