Dance music producer extraordinaire Alan Walker is set to play unmasked for the first time ever – at Las Vegas’ famed LIV nightclub on Saturday night.  

As the Anglo-Norwegian superstar prepares to take the stage to unveil his new concept ‘Unmasked’, where the producer will be playing live unmasked for the first time ever! Also, on the agenda for the night at LIV is the announcement of Walker’s next single ‘Unsure’ featuring Disney actress Kylie Cantrall. 

A decade after Alan Walker debuted ‘Fade,’ a song embraced by bedroom producers and YouTubers, ‘Unsure’ emerges, harnessing the power of new communities and platforms. The discovery of Jex Jordyn on TikTok led to the inception of a new Alan Walker demo. The promotional videos for the release have gone on to become viral moments, with the content related to the campaign garnering over 30 million organic views. 

A dreamy and intoxicating anthem, ‘Unsure’ boasts a lush soundscape complemented by Kylie Cantrall’s evocative topline, resulting in a euphoric dance-pop hit ready for summer playlists. The release will also feature a metaphysical music video set within Walkerworld, Alan Walker’s own immersive and playable musical theme park, exclusively on Fortnite  

Alan Walker initially burst into the upper echelons of the dance scene with his breakthrough hit ‘Faded,’ which amassed billions of streams across many platforms and dominated charts globally. Follow-up releases like ‘Alone’ and ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ solidified Walker’s position at the pinnacle of the industry, leading to collaborations with the likes of Hans Zimmer, Noah Cyrus, Sia, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay. Boasting a catalogue of over 650 headline shows, billions of streams, and millions of followers across his social media accounts, Alan Walker shows no signs of slowing down—’Unsure’ is a testament to that enduring momentum. 

To celebrate this announcement, Alan Walker will be playing Unsure as well as other of your favourite tracks at his show at LIV in Las Vegas on Saturday 27th April!