From releasing heavy-hitters already in 2021, including label head ALOK’s ‘Rapture’ alongside Daniel Blume (10.5M streams), and ‘Love Again’ with VIZE (10M streams), CONTROVERSIA has constantly released the freshest sounds across a plethora of genres ever since it’s 2019 launch. Already standing tall as a label set to go stratospheric, CONTROVERSIA is proud to release it’s first imprint compilation; ‘CONTROVERSIA by ALOK Vol 001’!

Commencing proceeding with Dubdogz, Bhaskar, Calmani & Grey, taking things up to ‘100 degrees’ thanks to a dramatic take on deep house merged with a progressive tinge, it merges perfectly into KVSH, CRÜPO & Conan Mac’s feel-good ‘Smoke Me’, that allows the sensual, invitational vocal to take a hold and take the listener higher. The perfect introduction is followed up with the aforementioned debut from Yves V spinning things darker, but yet hopeful in it’s message, before Kohen & Malarkey ensure there is no ‘Going Under’, firing with an electricity on all cylinders.

On ‘Had To Tell You’, LANNÉ & Hawk bring some stylistic, hyper-manipulated sounds that blast us into the sounds of the future, paving the way for Australian favourite Will K to produce an effervescent, joyful rush on ‘Honestly’ that fluctuates between a radio-ready-level of catchiness, interspersed with electro tendencies and a stunning vocal from ANML KNGDM that worms its way into your psyche.

Across, 15 tracks, including further stand-outs from names including Robert Falcon, DJ’s From Mars and Bhaskar, ‘CONTROVERSIA by ALOK Vol 001’ proves both the perfect extended accompaniment representing the imprint for seasoned fans, as well as listeners that may be new to the label, make sure you get your hands on the label’s first collective omission, out now!