After announcing their long-awaited return to the scene with a forthcoming LP ‘DEADTHEALBUM’ set to drop this fall, Breathe Carolina have already whetted appetites with the melodic, catchy ‘Too Good’ that ushered in a focused take on downtempo electronics. Now, they unveil their second single ‘Like This’ and are showing no signs of slowing down.

A sensual yet driven-with-attitude vocal introduces the track, allowing the beats to mutate into a peak-time, bass-wobbler of a single. A smorgasbord of textures and styles treading a house music style with an injection of bite, as David insists “I could spend the rest of my life like this”. “‘Like This’ is definitely the darkest song on the album, it has an alternative feel to it, switching between half-time verses and a four-on-the-floor chorus with a really rock-sounding baseline. It’s super unique and has been one of the favourites to people we have shown,” Tommy speaks of the release, explicitly illustrating how the guys have perfected their niche within the dance music world, whilst retaining their love or both rock and electronics, as well as their flair with production and lyricism.

With a drama-filled, intense video also following suit and gripping with suspense, this fall the LA-based duo are also heading out in support of the album with their just-announced phase one run of DEADTHETOUR parties (below). Hitting up cities across the US, Amsterdam during ADE and Asia, the tour will be fans’ first chance to hear the album and its tracks live – where will the guys be seeing you?