Since his EDC Las Vegas set in May 2023, dance music legend, pioneer, Dutch superstar DJ, and producer Tiësto has been playing a new version of the legendary ‘Meet Her At The Loveparade’ in his live sets around the globe.  

The ground-breaking original track, produced by Da Hool (Frank Tomiczek) in 1997, has been etched into the annals of dance music history and remains a timeless classic that continues to ignite dance floors worldwide. It introduced the world to the infectious melody and unforgettable hook that became the anthem of countless dance parties and music festivals. The track quickly became a dance music cornerstone with its relentless energy and infectious groove. 

Tiësto and Da Hool’s new interpretation, ‘Meet Her (Tiësto vs. Da Hool),’ promises to breathe new life into this dance music classic, bringing it into the modern era while paying homage to its timeless roots.  

‘Meet Her (Tiësto vs. Da Hool)’ is out NITRON, Sony Music Germany’s Dance imprint.