Here Comes Summer: How to Promote Your Music in Party Season

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. It won’t last, though – so make the most of it while
you can! It’s time to get out there, enjoy the long summer nights, and fill them with music.
And what better music to fill it with than your own?

This post looks at ways to promote your music during the summer party season; by
engaging with the real world, not just the online one.

Summer playlists

In the UK, the sun doesn’t come out for long. And when it does, we all go a little bit Mad For
It. Honestly – the slightest whiff of a warm, sunny day on the cards sends people flocking to
beaches, parks, lakes and riverbanks. Supermarkets instantly sell out of BBQ-related items,
and your local shopping centre is a ghost town.

People are out, enjoying the outdoors. And so they should be – but that doesn’t mean you
can’t go along for the ride…

A great way to promote your own tracks is to create playlists; on YouTube, Spotify, and any
other streaming platform you use. Put a load of your favourite summer tracks together, for
different vibes: beach day, barbecue, driving… And slip in a couple of your own tunes for
good measure.

If you’ve been filming your sets for YouTube or TikTok, then reuse that content to make a
Summer mix/mashup – or start from scratch making some summer tunes of your own.
Even if you’ve got the smallest following, they’ll want to know what you’re listening to and
loving right now, and throwing in one of your own releases keeps the good times flowing
(plus, it puts you in the mix next to some big names!).

But be creative and thoughtful with your playlists. Don’t just look at trends and who’s touring,
and don’t just cram it full of the top 40. People can get that anywhere. Instead, curate for a
mood, with songs that make you feel good, and that you’d want to have with you on the
beach, in the car, or at a barbecue with friends.

That’s what’ll make your playlist different, and it’s what your followers will want, too.

Ride the festival wave

Remember when we talked about using iconic festival moments – for remix opportunities?
Well, summer means more music festivals and more iconic moments are just around the
corner. We’ve just had Creamfields South, and the Isle of Wight Festival kicks off early June.
From there, it’s pretty much major fests every week until the dog days are over.

Use it all to your advantage, even if you can’t be there as a performer or a reveller. Pick the
bones and make something new from content generated by these festivals. Sure, you could
go viral or whatever – but you should aim to have fun with it first and foremost, as an artist
and producer.

If nothing else, it’s another addition to your arsenal of creativity.

Get gigs

Getting out and DJing or performing is the absolute best way to build up a following and a
fanbase. Hell, it’s the only way most artists get paid anymore! And if you want to get booked
as a DJ for summer, you should be reaching out to your community.

Make a bucket list of venues, film your set rehearsals and send out your showreel to all the
clubs and festivals you want in on. The worst that can happen is that they say no (or just don’t respond).

And sometimes, getting a gig means going to one. Go out to local events and make some
friends. Small events, big ones – makes no difference, really – as long as you’re out there
connecting with people in your scene. You don’t have to sell or pitch anything. You’re just
out to meet like-minded people, and see what they’re up to.

Get your music out there

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