An exciting and upcoming name in the electronic music scene, Dillistone first made international waves as a prolific remixer with his take on Dua Lipa’s 2016 hit single ‘Be The One.’ Having spent his younger years experiencing cities across the world, Dillistone’s musical footprint takes influence from a multitude of cultures and lived moments, culminating in one expressive and distinctive electronic sound.

‘Weightless’ is Dillistone’s latest sonic offering and sees him partner up with one of Denmark’s biggest artists of the moment, Medina.

Get to know Dilliastone better as he takes on UR 10 Questions.

1.As a DJ, how would you describe your sound/energy behind the decks? 

 Euphoric melancholy!

 2.Is there one song/album or artist from your teenage years which stands out?

 It’s gotta be deadmau5 – Strobe, an absolute evergreen for me.

 3.Outside of music, what other passions do you have/ how do you enjoy spending your time?

Recently, I’ve been lured into play Magic:The Gathering, so maybe I’ll bring some decks to my shows and we can play?  

4.What’s on your bucket list as an artist?

I’d love to play a fully packed festival stage and/or a really sweaty intense boiler room set haha 

 5.Who would be your dream guests to join you on a one-off podcast special?

Paris Hilton – an absolute queen. I have Paris memes framed and hung up in my house. 

 6.What’s your best motivational tip for getting things done?

Set times you work, then you don’t get stuck in an infinity loop. After your cut-off point take time to actually enjoy life. 

 7.What is the best DJ set you’ve seen this year/ever and why was it so memorable?

 DJ Mell G at Boiler Room Berlin – the energy was just off the charts, never experienced anything like it.  

 8.Which two artists would you most love to witness collaborate on a song?

Searows & Ethel Cain 

9.It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One more tune”. What track do you play as your encore finale?  

My new single Weightless :’) or Race Banyon – Throw It All  

 10.Finally, what are you most looking forward to in 2024?

To see what else it’s got in store – the first two weeks have already been mental <3 

 Find Dillistone on Instagram at @dillistoned and TikTok @dillistone 

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