Connecting with others through the universal language of music, EddyThron is a DJ and producer who has truly honed his craft.

As a DJ/producer EddyThron works his local scene in Chile and across the border in Argentina, curating trance, progressive and organic house tones that lead listeners on an immense journey. Not stopping there, he has a stronghold in the international electronic scene as an A&R and lead editor for EDMTunes.

It’s been a joy getting to know EddyThron and his passionate insights into the ever-moving world of trance and progressive are simply too good not to voice.

After our 10Qs, you’ll takeaway an epic mix recommendation, an ahead-of-the-curve look into Argentinian DJ/producers on the rise, and a brand new remix, out today from EddyThron himself.

1.As a DJ, how would you describe your sound/energy behind the decks? 

Even though I DJ as two different aliases with different styles (EddyThron as Progressive Trance / Trance, and EddyThron pres. Aloft as Organic House), there are two things you’ll always find in any of my sets: firstly, a journey. I love to believe we DJs have the power (and the responsibility) to send our audience into a momentary Trance, where we can all switch our logical minds off and drift away into having nothing but pure, uninterrupted fun for a while. Being in that moment, if you will. Secondly, tons of melody. I love melodies, they are my means to that drifting away sensation. 

2.We adore your new ATOP series on YouTube where you host incredible audio-visual DJ sets. Tell us what was the inspiration here? And what is your future vision for the project?  

 First and foremost, thank you! The spark behind ATOP was probably born in 2018. The idea of taking music out of the dark, four-wall clubs and out to the most beautiful locations was astonishing to me. Fast forward a few years, enter lockdown. DJs started doing these solo sets all over the Internet, all while the Cercle phenomenon skyrocketed. I then realised this concept I thought was so far away, was actually entirely possible, the path had been paved. And there I was, dreaming once again of playing a beautiful, melodic set, over a beautiful, melodic location. 2023 saw it become a reality, during one of my trips to Buenos Aires. 

 As for what’s coming, my dream is to play atop several cities and landscapes with breathtaking views all over the world. I wrote it down in my notes in 2020, and I haven’t forgot about what Eddy from the past envisioned. 

3.What is the best DJ set you’ve seen in the last year/ever and why was it so memorable?  

Hands down, Above & Beyond in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in January 2020. The gig itself was incredible, the guys played three and something hours while we danced in the sand, and the last 40 minutes were only Trance Classics. I’m talking ‘Helsinki Scorchin’, ‘No One On Earth’, ‘Far From In Love’, ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’, that calibre of classics. We all cried that night, even Tony couldn’t hold back the tears. I tend to say that night changed my life forever, because also in that crowd were, unbeknownst to any of us, all my current best friends. We didn’t know each other at the time and only got closer on Zoom calls during Lockdown the months after, but hadn’t A&B played that set, we probably wouldn’t have met. I guess all of my crazy endeavours have their roots in that very night.   

I recreated that set to forever remember that show, complete with crowd chants and everything. Have a listen here if you wish!  

4.Which two artists would you most love to witness collaborate on a song? 

Tad farfetched, but I’d love to see Nicholas Gunn and Solarstone work on a track together. Both have incredible talent to compose tremendously moving music, both have been around for a long while, and they’re not only veterans but experts at what they do. And I think their styles would amplify times ten if coming together. 

5.You’re also a music journalist at EDMTunes, who would be a dream artist or DJ to interview that you haven’t already spoken to? 

I’d love to have a talk with the Above & Beyond guys. They’ve been role models to me for a decade, I consider myself a fan not only of their music but also of the effect their music and philosophy have on their audience. Other honourable mentions would include ilan Bluestone and Spencer Brown, two amazing talents who shaped my music taste back in school, when I entered my Anjuna phase. 

 6.What advice would you give to someone aiming to get started in music journalism in the electronic scene? 

Honestly? Feel it. Put love in what you do, enjoy the ride. Plain, bland journalism is everywhere these days, so if you write a piece with passion it will show. In a time when even AI can do the dirty work for you, think back to the basics: being authentic captivates readers. To me, the fine line between regular journalism and outstanding journalism is when you read an article and it impacts you. Delivering the news makes people read. Delivering with your heart however? Makes people engage with your content. 

 7.The trance resurgence has been a hot topic of late (mentioned in your interview with Ferry Corsten), we’d love to hear your thoughts on hearing the more classic sounds on dancefloors today and what you think producers today can learn/take from that era of music? 

I’m over the moon with the return of the old sound. Classic Trance has that special something. Once again, it takes you on a journey. It goes beyond the current discussion of “how should I structure my track to make it fit into a genre” and, instead, focuses on crafting tracks with a soul. Each Classic Trance track is memorable. They all lack sonic quality compared to today’s tracks that are so meticulously, surgically treated. But at the end of the day, you have a melody that sticks with you for days, weeks, ages. You don’t think about how muddy the low end on Christopher Lawrence’s ‘Rush Hour’ from 2001 is: you enjoy the melody and, quite literally, get abducted into a sort of Trance, and that’s what you remember. I guess that’s what we can take from those tunes: the act of saying so much with so little. Just a well-crafted melody, an interesting beat, and the will to make you fly away. 

8.It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One more tune”. What track do you play as your encore finale?  

If I’m DJing as EddyThron, Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston’s ‘Good For Me’, the Club Mix. No hesitation. Last party ever? We’ve got to love ourselves, and that’s the perfect track to end a night crying of happiness.  

If I’m DJing as Aloft on the slower BPMs however? I’ve been obsessed with Roy Rosenfeld’s remix of Guy Gerber’s ‘Rainchecks In Montreal’ lately. One of my best friends showed it to me last month, and he told me: “It’s like Opus, but Progressive, it takes you on a rollercoaster ride”. And I couldn’t have worded it better. Big ups, Rama!  

9.Who are some upcoming DJ/producers that you follow and you think we should check out? 

 I’ve been diving into the Argentinian scene lately, to no one’s surprise. Some of the most talented guys I’ve connected with: Eugenio Sanchez Moreno: he’s doing massive Progressive House tunes, loving his track ‘Ama – Gi’; Teleport-X: such a talented guy, can’t get enough of him, ‘Tx800’ always unleashes my stank face, super dark Prog; Tomas Abester: amazing mind, he’s keeping the Progressive Trance I grew up with alive and well, and each track has a story behind its creation, which I love; Diego Hernan: another great talent, we’re working on so much music together, can’t wait to release it to the world! 

 10. Finally, what are you most looking forward to in 2024? 

I’m aiming to build my brand a lot this year. Releasing music both under EddyThron and Aloft, getting to the ears of big labels and artists. I’ve been in this for 14 years, so it’s about time! Also, super eager to see where journalism takes me this year, it’s been so cool to get to know the scene from another point of view, it’s like seeing everything in third person, and therefore getting ready to experience it in first person with much more knowledge once my career has that pivotal moment. 

EddyThron presents Aloft ‘Lost Voices’ remix is out now: 

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