Psy trance purveyor MR.BLACK has contributed almighty momentum to the genre’s global takeover placing him at the forefront of modern dance music. One of his most exciting and anticipated musical outputs of 2023 comes in the form of 12-track album Trancefromation featuring festival stompers such as ‘Flight 303.’ The album landed on MR.BLACK’s HYBIT record label, under Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, which is yet another creative flex of the high-flying DJ/producer.

Before wrapping up what has been a huge year musically, MR.BLACK joins answers the URPR 10 Questions.

1. Describe your sound in 3 words.

Futuristic Psy Trance.

2. Is there one song/album or artist from your teenage years which stands out?

Tiësto – Adagio For Strings. He took the iconic composition and line of William Orbit and brought it in a modern trance sound back then to the forefront. When I was a kid and walked around a clubbing area I heard it from a distance and like a magnet I went inside and was trying to figure out what this enormous record was being played. This is definitely a defining record.     

3.If you had to pick a career in any other music genre except electronic dance music, what genre would that be and why?

Definitely Pop. I really like to think of the common ground and think of a simple hook that has verse and chorus, this is challenging and exciting. This is the reason why I love doing ghost productions to a lot of Pop artists.

 4. What’s on your bucketlist?

To collaborate with my idols like David Guetta, Tiesto or The Prodigy. Another big dream I have is to open a start-up in the music industry. 

5. What is your favourite tour snack?


6. One thing you’re looking forward to this year or one goal you’ve set yourself for the future?

I’ve really been building up to the release and reaction of my new album Tranceformation. I’ve worked on it a lot and I’m enjoying the results so far.  Also I’m building a new studio and I’m really excited to discover the new sounds there.

  7.What’s your best motivational tip for getting things done?

Consistency, determination and surround yourself with the right people and environment.

8.Which two artists would you most love to witness collaborate on a song?

I’ve got two answers for this one;

Daft Punk and The Prodigy.
David Guetta and Hans Zimmer.

Would really like to see what’s the outcome from such collaborations!

9. Hottest track in the world right now?

Peggy Gou – Nanana (It Goes Like), you can’t escape it at the moment haha!

10. It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One more tune”. What track do you play as your encore finale?

My remix of Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer. Perfect fit for the armageddon!

MR.BLACK can be found at @mr_black_music

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