Heading north of the border, Glasgow-based REYKA is the latest DJ and producer to go under the spotlight.

From the capital’s infamous Sneaky Pete’s, to the legendary Sub Club in Glasgow, and beyond, REYKA  worked Scotland’s club circuit casting deep curiosity behind the decks with his transcendent fusion of breakbeat, trance and hard grooves. A sound which has turned the heads of Gerd Janson, Trance Wax and Denham Audio as the ever-growing roster of international headline acts he has opened for.

This month, REYKA celebrated the drop of 3-track EP U & I. An immersive trilogy of slick breaks and kinetic beats, woven with ethereal notes, and carefully selected storytelling vocal cuts.

Now, REYKA answers UR 10 questions.

1.You’re fresh off the dancefloor from your U & I EP release parties across Edinburgh and Glasgow, tell us, how did the nights go down? 

They were really really great. So many friends, new faces and old, came down and it was really heart warming to be honest. The Glasgow party was a lot more intimate and I got a bit choked up at the end when the lights came on and I saw everyone! 

2.U & I is your 3rd EP, how did this body of work come to be? And what sounds and feelings come through across the three tracks? 

I was really trying to delve deeper into sound design and emulating euphoric sounds I’ve heard over the past year or so but with my own twist on it. Big swathing pads with intricate drum patterns has been the main goal, however genre wise I am quite fluid. I love the emotive nature of breakbeats and the newer garage sounds by the likes of Overmono, Love Remain and salute.! I really wanted to bring even more melody than usual in too, so I called upon my classical music training and just sat at the piano for hours tinkering away till the melodies clicked.  

The first track is an introduction to the EP and is a much more ambient track. I think “INTO/THINKING OF YOU” gives a sense of something building up. It is heavily laden with vocal samples that intertwine with each other and hopefully call upon some emotions for the listener. I love a solid RnB style vocal to layer over the top as I think they hold a certain weight that really resonates with people.  

The second, and lead track, “U & I” carries on from where track 1 left off. With emotive vocal samples and the intricate breakbeats. However, with a much bigger and slightly faster sound. With this track, the gritty bass is one of my favourite synth patches I have ever designed. It sits just below the drums but still carries so much weight. In the end, the breakbeats eventually takeover in a helter skelter finish. 

The last song, “IN UR EYEZ” was heavily inspired by last summer and more recently a trip to Belgium (with the vocal sample). I really wanted to lean upon a sense of euphoria and jubilation for this track, and I think the saturated synths and clean piano chords really work well to do so. This is one of my favourite ever tracks that I have created.   


3.2023 release ‘Haunted By You’ is your biggest track to date standing at over 148k streams on Spotify alone. Did you expect that response? What do you think made that track in particular resonate with people?   

 Yeah it is a bit mental isn’t it…! It’s an odd one really, that track took me maybe a day or two to finish and wrap up but then tracks I’ve worked on for months people can’t really get but hey, if it works it works! I think again it’s using RnB vocals in a way that brings them more into the electronic sphere. There is an odd sense of sadness and bittersweetness to the song so I guess maybe that is what resonates with people. The Aussies have really gone mad for it, they’re the biggest streamers of my music and have been since I first started in 2021! 

 4.As a DJ, how would you describe your sound/energy behind the decks?  

Quite different to my music..! I am a huge fan of Eurodance, Hard House, big bassline Breaks and the second coming of “Hardgroove”. I think what links the two is the energy that I put into them both, I often rack up 10,000 steps an hour when djing..!!  

5.You’re headed to Ibiza on May 5th with Elation as part of their Eden takeover! Is this your first time DJing on Ibiza? What are you most looking forward to? 

It is indeed, I’m just really looking forward to doing my first set outwith Scotland! Just so happens to be in one of the Mecca’s of dance music. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the difference in cultures translates into the club scene and lifestyle out there. As I mentioned before, I love trance so I can’t wait to do some deep digging and finding some absolute peaches to play out there.  

6.What’s on your bucket list as an artist? 

I think, like most people, it would be to do a European tour in the next couple of years. I’ve managed to tick off every goal I’ve set myself at the start of the year for the past 2 years, so I think it is definitely something that I want to set my eyes upon. Also playing in clubs like Fabric, RSO & FOLD.   

 7.What is the best DJ set you’ve seen and why was it so memorable? 

 That is a rather tricky one, I’m not sure I could pinpoint just the one. However, I have found every single booking that Missing Person’s Club in Glasgow has made has been incredible. MCR-T, MRD, Tigerhead, Caiva, DJ Bone.. The list goes on!  

8.Who are some DJs and producers from Scotland that you’d recommend checking out? 

Gotta shout out a few folk firstly from Glasgow: Celeste, McCart, Knees Up, Inez, Frankie Elyse, Lowree & Macka, D4N & Always 8.15
Then the other folk I’m loving are Mily B, Smiff, DV60. The list really goes on, I could keep going for days! 

9.It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One more tune”. What track do you play as your encore finale?  

 I have been absolutely LOVING “Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight” by Lime recently. So I think it would only be fitting. 

10.Finally, what are you most looking forward to in 2024? 

Connecting with new folk and continuing to develop skills both in DJing and Producing! And hopefully some travel along the way. I’ve got a whole heap of music that I’ll be releasing over the year so there is a lot more to come!

Where can people find you: 

Instagram: @reyka.wav / https://www.instagram.com/reyka.wav/ 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rrreyka 

Email: [email protected] 

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