DeusExMaschine is back and better than ever, once again on established French imprint Serial Records, this time with a deep and dreamy vocal house track!

With a solid run of singles under his belt already in 2023, French DJ/producer DeusExMaschine keeps his foot on the gas with yet another euphoria inducing floorfiller in ‘Good Thing’. Keeping true to his origins in France, DeusExMaschine adds a signature French Touch feel to a deep, groovy bassline and angel-like, melodic topline, resulting in a sure-fire anthem to get the party started wherever it is played! DeusExMaschine’s versatility has been on full show with some of his releases this year, disco influenced tracks in ‘Better’ and tech house flavours in ‘Be With You’ litter his discography. The French selector continues to master his craft and impress with every release and ‘Good Thing’ is no exception to the rule!

We put UR 10 Questions to DeusExMaschine.

1. Describe your sound in 3 words.
Funky, Eclectic, Evolving

2. Is there one song/album or artist from your teenage years which stands out?
Daft Punk’s “Homework” album was the game-changer that made me fall in love with house music production.

3. If you had to pick a career in any other music genre except electronic dance music, what genre would that be and why?
If I had to choose another music genre, it would be alternative rock, influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ style; I’ve already performed in this genre, playing it for 7 years between two periods of electronic production, and it’s a sound that resonates with me deeply. These experiences of performing live as a bassist with these groups undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping my ability to create unstoppable funky grooves.

4. What’s on your bucketlist?

  • Collaborate with Legends: Working with some of the artists who’ve inspired me over the years, whether from the world of electronic music or other genres.
  • Global Music Festival Tour: Playing at some of the world’s most iconic music festivals, bringing my unique blend of sounds to audiences all over the globe.
  • Teach and Mentor: Sharing what I’ve learned with the next generation of producers and artists, helping them find their voices and hone their crafts.

5. What is your favourite tour snack?
Oh, my go-to tour snack has got to be trail mix. It’s the perfect blend of nuts, dried fruits, and sometimes a little chocolate or something sweet thrown in. It’s easy to carry, gives me a quick energy boost, and has that satisfying crunch to keep me going during those long tours.

6. One thing you’re looking forward to this year or one goal you’ve set yourself for the
This year, I’m thrilled about a collaboration with an incredibly talented emerging artist. We’ve found a unique synergy in our creative process, pushing each other to new heights, and I believe what we’re crafting together will resonate with many. It’s an exciting opportunity to blend our styles and showcase a new wave of creativity. Stay tuned!

As for the future, one big goal I’ve set for myself is to play at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals. Performing on those iconic stages and connecting with fans globally is a dream I’m actively working towards, and it’s a path that feels more tangible every day.

7. What’s your best motivational tip for getting things done?
For me, music production is like a sport; it requires daily practice and a constant drive to improve. I’m always working on something, fine-tuning my skills, and pushing myself to new levels. You’ve got to treat it like a continuous journey of growth, producing all the time, never settling. That’s how you keep moving forward.

8. Which two artists would you most love to witness collaborate on a song?
I would absolutely love to see a collaboration between Bleu Clair and Purple Disco Machine. Their fusion would likely create something close to my own style, bringing together the energy of house and nu-disco. I can only imagine the creative magic that would result from their combined talents!

9. Hottest track in the world right now?
“Westside Story” by DJ Snake – it’s the hot tune everyone’s vibing to!

10. It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One more tune”. What track do you play as your encore finale? 
For the last party on earth, with the crowd shouting for “One more tune,” I’d have to play “One More Time” by Daft Punk. The pun is almost too perfect, isn’t it? “One more” tune, “One More Time” – it’s a little funny twist that would surely get a smile, and the track itself is a dance-floor classic that encapsulates the essence of celebration. It would be a fitting and fun way to close out the party.