Italian DJ/Producer Gamuel Sori recently teamed up with the queen of dance-pop INNA on their first collaboration, ‘Party Songs’. The single is the result of a partnership between Global Records, the number 1 independent label in CEE and Phrased Differently, whose authors have contributed to hits from Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande, David Guetta and BTS. The song represented the first collaboration release distributed by Believe Germany. It was written by Rollo, who previously worked with names such as BTS, Galantis, Ava Max, IRAIDA, Achi, and INNA. Achi and Gamuel Sori handled the production.

Gamuel Sori recently gave us a few minutes of his time to answer some interview questions for our new Q&A section.

How would you best describe your style of music in three words?
Happy, Emotional, Deep.

What do you aim to create when you’re creating your music? Do you aim to create a club or festival-ready sound when you’re in the studio?
When I’m creating music, my main aim is to evoke strong emotions and create a captivating experience for the listeners. I want my music to resonate with people on a deep level and leave a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

While I do consider the club environment while creating, I don’t limit myself to just that setting. I also envision how the music could translate to larger festival stages or more intimate settings. I want my music to be versatile and able to connect with people in various environments, from dance floors to personal headphones. As my career progresses and I have more opportunities to perform at festivals, I believe my approach to music creation might evolve to cater to those specific scenarios.

Where are you currently based and how long are you planning to stay there for?
I live in a small city 20 mins from Milan. While this city has provided me with a comfortable and conducive environment for my creative pursuits, I don’t envision it as my permanent residence for the long term. Rather, I have a deep-seated desire to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, traversing various corners of the globe before settling on my ultimate abode.

What are your main sources of inspiration when it comes to creating music?
When it comes to creating music, my main sources of inspiration stem from personal experiences and stories that have shaped my life. I find immense value in storytelling through my music, using it as a means to convey emotions, memories, and moments that hold significance to me. Whether through the concept of the song or the overall mood I aim to capture, I strive to make a profound connection with my listeners, allowing them to delve into the narratives behind each composition.

Even if a song doesn’t have a specific concept, I channel my emotions and experiences into the music, infusing it with a depth that resonates with both myself and my audience.

Where’s your favourite place to create music? Do you feel that creating in different locations has an impact on your sound/creativity?
I don’t have a particular favourite spot for creating music, but I firmly believe that the environment in which you create can indeed make a difference in terms of inspiration. Creating in different locations has a significant impact on my sound and creativity. Each setting has its unique ambiance, energy, and surroundings, all of which can influence the mood and direction of my music. Whether I’m in a serene natural setting, a bustling city studio, or a cozy home setup, the atmosphere plays a crucial role in sparking new ideas and enhancing my creative flow. Sometimes, a change of scenery can offer fresh perspectives and ignite a whole new level of inspiration, while other times, familiar settings evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity that encourages artistic exploration.

What are you up to at the moment? Working on any new music/preparing for events?
Currently, my focus is on creating a lot of new music, channelling my creativity into fresh and captivating compositions. Additionally, I am preparing for upcoming events, ensuring that my performances are filled with energy and excitement. As an artist, I constantly seek inspiration from various sources, always eager to infuse my work with innovative ideas and novel concepts. With a dedicated spirit, I embrace the ever-evolving music landscape, consistently refreshing my USB keys with the latest creations, and tirelessly seeking new avenues of inspiration to fuel my artistic endeavours.


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