As one of the first female trance DJs to break out of the UK Vicky Devine established her dancefloor disrupting nature from the off. First setting foot on Ibizan shores in 2000, Vicky’s name and sound became synonymous with the golden era of Ibiza clubbing and she famously took up a decade-long residence at legendary gathering Judge Jules’ Judgement Sundays at Eden.

Now entering her 24th summer season behind the decks of Eden, has garnered an extensive CV guided by her one true passion for electronic music. She has launched her own record label, established herself as an instantly recognisable media personality presenting for brands such as Ministry of Sound and KISS FM, hosted her own monthly radio show, and now backs new talents at Truelove Music as artist manager, A&R, and licensing manager.

An accolade that can often be flippantly thrown around, however, in this case there is no denying that Vicky Devine lives and breathes dance music. 

Before the heat of peak-season Ibiza fully kicks in, we put UR 10 questions to Vicky, and here’s how it went down.

1.Thanks for joining us & congratulations are in order as you begin your 24th season at Ibiza superclub Eden! How has it been watching the club evolve over those years? And in your opinion what makes it such a special place to party?

Thanks guys – yeah its so hard to believe its 24 whole years!! Eden was the very first nightclub I visited when I arrived to Ibiza for the first time in 2000 and its certainly seen some changes since those early hazy days. Of course the whole place has been thoroughly modernized (I did a video last year talking through many of those changes which is available to watch online) and the nights it holds have changed over the years also. But being in the heart of San Antonio it does tend to be the first stop for so many who stay here for their holiday and I think that’s what makes it so special as its almost like the gateway into the island.

2.The world’s party island is also your home, so we expect you’ve had your fair share of unforgettable nights on the dancefloor. Can you walk us through your dream Ibiza party schedule starting with your top daytime party of choice, favourite sunset bar/location and the club night that keeps you dancing from open until close?

I have a couple of favourite daytime parties – the first being ANTS at Ushuaia simply because I worked with the team and was connected to the brand / artists for almost ten years and so that event always has a special place in my heart (plus the music and production is amazing). Equally I love to see Armin Van Buuren there when he is in town. And then a new favourite of mine is Ben Hemsley’s Sunday party at Ibiza Rocks – he took the island by storm last year and no doubt will again this – plus he plays a whole load of amazing trance classics so what’s not to love. So i’d spend my day at one of those before heading to Kasbah for sunset. This restaurant / bar has long been a favourite of mine and for me it really is simply the best location, vibe and food on that strip. On a Monday evening I’d then head to Pike’s as they have an event there that is reminiscent and reinvigorating the old Manumission vibes. And then finally for the late-night hours…….in days of old I would be saying Carl Cox’s Revolution or Judgement Sundays (hopefully one day again) …. But these days I’d head to One More Time or Shine at Eden of course (or if we were in September I’d for sure be heading to the Kevin and Perry Reunion at Amnesia). Aside from those I love Camelphat at Pacha, Pyramid at Amnesia and Tale of Us at Hï. You can’t ask me to choose just one as they are all epic parties – I’m all about the trance and tech feels.

From the archive: Vicky Devine on the turntables at Judgement Sundays

3.We’d love to dig deeper on your recent acid rework of Reflekt’s trance classic Need To Feel Loved – one look at the Soundcloud comments section is solid confirmation that you’ve made a hit! What inspired your edit?

This record has been a long-time favourite of mine and I got given the opportunity by the label to put my spin on it. I’d always had the idea to add a bit of acid and just have something that I could use in more of a techy warm up set but that had a bit of power in it and so that’s what I set about to achieve really. It took me a while as I was so conscious to pay homage to the original but I’m really happy with the result and I do regularly play it myself as well as have a lot of requests for it also. It didn’t get an official release but am so happy I was able to share it and that there are so many who like it as much as I did re-working it (as I was really nervous to put it out there actually).

4.Trance has embraced a next generation of artists in recent times with DJ/producers such as Ben Hemsley and Amy Wiles. What are your thoughts on the hype around trance right now and the impact it’s having on the genre?

Well I already mentioned Ben above – I think its totally amazing how out of a pandemic came the birth really of a whole new era of artists. They literally exploded onto the scene and to be honest the trance scene in particular really needed it. They are embracing also all that we held dear in terms of the classics and the roots of the genre which is so cool to see. I don’t know either of them personally but I have a huge respect for both of them and what they are achieving and indeed anybody that manages to crack the nut so to speak the way that they have. We live in totally different times to the ones I arrived into when I started Djing in the late 90’s and its also very cool to see so many women coming through especially in the trance scene.

5.What is the best DJ/artist set you’ve seen this year and why was it so memorable?

Would have to be the Joris Voorn and Kolsch set at Miami 2024. I’m a huge fan of the pair of them and though its not main trance, Joris particularly has always dabbled with trance in his sets and for me always fuses perfectly techno, tech and trance. Kolsch also is just an absolute pro and when the pair of them are together its total fire – this set has it all and for me was the best of Ultra this year.

6.It’s the last party on earth; the crowd are shouting, “One More Tune.” What track do you play as your encore finale?

I got asked this in another interview recently and I chose Armin Van Buuren’s “Shivers”. Its always been an absolute favourite of mine – I mean I could choose so many classics trancers to answer this but I’m going to say the same because the lyrics would be very apt also in this situation.

7.Are there any upcoming artists at the moment on your ‘ones to watch’ radar that you can recommend?

I am currently also co-managing a singer-songwriter called Lauren Nicole. Shes absolutely amazing at her art and for sure you need to keep an eye on her. Also (and though not up and coming) I’d say that people should be checking out Giorgia Angiuli. She is a live trance / techno artist and multii-instrumentallst. She featured on the ASOT radio show a few weeks ago and her style has changed recently into more Psy sounds – she’s incredible to watch and a breath of fresh air in the trance world. There are a few others that are blowing up in Ibiza and beginning to make waves – keep your eyes on Beyond Chicago, Ty Gill and Holly Hutchinson all with solid residencies on the island this summer.

8.In recent years you’ve also made the move into music publishing joining the team at Truelove Music. What does your role here involve? And what lessons have you learnt along the way?

I’m the A&R and licensing manager and am really loving my role particularly the elements associated with sync. I have been connected to Truelove Music for many years (even signing artists that I was representing years ago to the roster) and thinking I knew all there was to know about electronic music having already worked in it over 20 years haha. I have to say though that its been another real rollercoaster and a huge learning curve for me. With almost 150 writers on the roster and representing around 75K songs there is just so much to do and learn always and am so lucky that I am given the freedom to be involved so creatively with so many incredible musicians and songwriters. I have also learnt so much about the backbone of music and the genesis of so many of our favourite tracks – its insane when you look through the history of electronic music and understand how things came to be.

9.Who are the team members and industry friends who have been on this epic journey with you over the last two decades that deserve a little shoutout?

Are you ready? Haha…

There are just so many (24 years in Ibiza and 8 years of raving beforehand is a long time to be in music!!!)…..I was really lucky to be involved from quite early on in the original rave scene and so it was the likes of DJ Hixxy, Slipmatt, Vinylgroover, Force & Styles and Dougal who gave me the original kick up the butt to be more industry focussed and to follow my musical heart. All are still friends of mine through to this day and I still play on Slipmatt’s Slip Back In Time events when they come to Ibiza every May.

Then I would have to give props to my original partner in crime Sophie Sugar who both gave me the opportunity to be co-promoter and resident DJ in Charlys Angelz (the all female DJ brand and night we used to run here) and encouraged me to follow a dream in music. Without her am not sure I would have made it to Ibiza in the first place.

Behind the decks at Eden Ibiza

From there I’d have to thank Chris Brown and Eddie Lock who were the two who gave Charlys Angelz the platform as well as Miss Behavin / Female DJ’ and Spike Hull / Sparkle agency who helped tour the brand and thus enabling us to grow from there. There are a ridiculous number of bars owners and club promoters I could go on to mention in Ibiza as I played so many over the years but I must mention Jimmy and everyone at Play 2 where I hosted nights for 15 years in the West End as well as  Oscar / Tropi Trance Bar – such special times and where Ibiza Trance Family was born. Then also all the Judgement Sundays family and extended family  (especially Jules, Amanda, Giles, Big Nik, Dimi de Wit) and all who made it possible for me to enjoy the residency I had there for so many years and with whom I am still connected (I recently played for the brand in Birmingham at “Our House Rave” and it was another incredible night. Judgement Sundays and all the people within it became family to me and will forever be a part of me and this is what also really cemented my life both in Eden and Ibiza.

I also spent 9 years in artist liaison and management at Ushuaia / Hï and Hard Rock and actually also got to perform myself in Hiï’s first year (for Armin Van Buuren’s event) and which was another pinch myself moment. Those years were instrumental in making me the person I am today and gave me so many skills and insights into the wider music industry as well as some new friends for life. I could name a myriad of Promoters, DJ’s and producers who I have worked with and who have taught me, inspired me and supported me along the way (shoutout to Gordon Phillips and the BCM / Mallorca family as well as Simon Belofsky / Ibiza Live) and also those who helped me to realise all the records I have released over the years (Greg Brookman, Dan Smith, BK, Lisa Lashes, Claudia Cazacu, Nick Larson Ali Wilson, Marcos, Ben Gold, Organ Donors, Chris Hampshire, Black Hole Recordings…. the list goes on).

I don’t want to leave anyone out but (needless to say) I’m incredibly fortunate to have worked with so many talented and all-round amazing individuals. I do need to also mention Nick Coles (Nick The Kid) though who recently signed me to Made Artists and who is now my agent as well as being a true industry friend. I’d also have to mention and thank Nick and Dexter from One More Time who have given me the opportunity to be a weekly resident once again for an Ibiza brand and who also included me on the line-ups of the unreal nights at Amnesia for the Kevin and Perry reunions – also dreams come true. Truelove Music of course for welcoming me onto the team and giving me a whole new chapter in my life in music. And last but by no means least of course my husband, my incredible family and a whole legion of friends both industry and non  (from old school raving buddies (big up my super talented brother by another Dan Jolly who is smashing the UK garage scene, Micky Slim / Circle 8 who is killing it at all things management as is Jay Pidgeon / Purple Wall; Majestic who is just THE most super talented person you could ever meet and Boy In The Corner Chris Bailey who is the don at all things radio and vinyl) right through to newer acquaintances who have stuck by my side and have supported my random life.

I literally could go on and on and on (as you may have noticed) and am sorry to anyone I haven’t mentioned …. But Without them I’d be nothing and I thank the stars every day that I have those amazing people around me.

10.What are you most excited for in 2024?

Being back in the studio working on my next vocal track and of course all the events I continue to be so lucky to play at. I also usually head to LA in September as part of my job with Truelove Music and whereby I get to meet an array of music supervisors and film / TV producers to further connect with in the world of sync and this I am always excited for. Apart from that I’m looking forward to a holiday at the end of what I am sure will be another crazy summer and my 24th year on this hot and special little island in the med.

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