Coming from a musical background, including a Father who has been a composer for over 40 years, HIDDN has always been around music, and began writing his own melodies from a young age. Throughout his time studying musical theory, his main strengths were composition and musical improvisation, giving him the ability to let his inspiration run free when playing any instruments, something HIDDN has taken into his production aesthetics.

Those that share his craft will tell you that the art of music production has many benefits, borne out of a passion that very few people manage to make a career out of. However, for the past few years, HIDDN has been writing music behind the curtain, providing tracks for several of the DJ Mag Top 100’s artists, a number of which have placed in the upper echelons of Beatport’s charts.

After hearing his own music performed at Tomorrowland, HIDDN realised his desire to share his own music with people, and so HIDDN was formed to allow him to be at the forefront and no longer in the shadows. Although thankful to have made so many connections and been given a platform by producing for other people, through the HIDDN project he is now able to show the world what he can do, spanning a wide spectrum of sounds that touches on many different styles and influences. After signing his debut solo album ‘Out Of The Shadows’ with Armada Music in January, and with releases such as the Juicy M collaboration ‘Polaroid’ and support on original material from heavyweights such as Tiësto, it is clear that HIDDN’s name won’t remain in the dark for too long.


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