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A new dawnJulian Collet steps into thes potlight. The days of working hidden behind aliases, looking for his musical identity,are over.Afteradecade of roaming throughelectronicmusic he now distills the essence of what is Julian Collet. Every song being a part of him. No genreboundaries. No limits.This newly gained freedom is merged with the limitations of the analog gear that Julian is working with. Only this time it is not acting as a restraint but as fuel for his creativity by lifting him outside the box, giving him musical wings. Whatever comes out of old and new synthesizers, guitars and ethnical instruments leads him towardswhat is possible. All of it creating a world for the audioartist’s very own voice to livein.It’s a path that quickly made an impact: Last year Julian’s songs were streamed more than 2 million times and secured him spots in soughtafter playlists by Selected and Spotify. “Outta Time” being the lead with more than 1 million hits.Where this path will lead is where Julian’s creative flow will take him. Only shaped by the love for music itself, always true to his core, highlighted once more by his new single “Strangers” headed to a full EP in April 2022


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