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Kris Kross Amsterdam has been the leading Dutch act on the international stage since 2011. What started as a duo consisting of two brothers – both born in the vicinity of Amsterdam – grew into a powerful and energetic act of three people over a period of 10 years. From Mysteryland (NL) to Tomorrowland (BE), Parookaville (GE), and Ultra Music Festival (USA), Kris Kross is there. 

When brothers Jordy and Sander Huisman started making music, they had one goal in mind: to create an atmosphere in which different music influences seamlessly blend together. Their first step was to organize various parties in their hometown of Amsterdam. During these parties, they DJ’d themselves, and the mix of R&B, hip-hop, and house music dominated from the first minute. The audience received this mix well. In 2014, the brothers decided to expand the act further. MC Yuki Kempees joined the duo. This created the celebrated trio that they are today! 

Once the tour list was well established, it was time for their own music. The boys went into the studio and produced their first track ‘Until The Morning’ in 2015. Along with subsequent releases, Kris Kross Amsterdam garnered international attention. This led to studio sessions with Cheat Codes, the artist with whom they launched the international mega-hit (with over 650 million streams) ‘SEX’. This was followed by ‘Are You Sure?’, a huge collaboration with British pop star Conor Maynard and American hip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign. The collaboration with Conor went so well that they went for a second track called ‘Whenever’, a remake of Shakira’s ‘Whenever, Wherever’. They put a Kris Kross Amsterdam twist on it, and that twist turned out to be good for more than 330 million streams on Spotify. This hit received worldwide attention from the Billboard Dance Chart, the Global Top 50 Chart, and was featured in 29 different Spotify Viral Charts. 

In 2021, the hit train continued with songs like ‘Vluchtstrook’, which they recorded with Antoon & Sigourney K, and was the most streamed song on Spotify in 2022 in the Netherlands.  

With their catchy sound, Kris Kross Amsterdam continues to score hit after hit. In between, the act performs all over the world. Jordy, Sander, and Yuki bring their energy and down-to-earth Amsterdam mentality wherever they go. So wherever Kris Kross Amsterdam performs, it’s guaranteed to be a party! 


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