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Belgian born and now based in New York City, Mike Dierickx is a producer, remixer and DJ that blends the better Melodic with Techno and has a multitude of guises he produced and remixed under, most notably as Push & M.I.K.E. Push.
Mike’s career shoot throw the roof with “Universal Nation” under his Push guise which won several dance music awards and is recognized as one of the classic dance records of the true Trance era until this day.
His follow up single “Strange World” did hit hard and this was followed by another huge release, “The Legacy”, once again topping most dance charts across Europe and entering the British National charts at number 21.
Over the years Mike received several music awards including best club singles and best dance producer, and entered 6 times the national Top 40 in the UK. Recently “Universal Nation” was voted 6 years in a row best Electronic Dance track of all time on Studio Brussels – The Greatest Switch in Belgium and received a gold record and several platinum streaming awards!
Push spawned 6 albums “From Beyond” , the critical acclaimed “Electric Eclips” and “Global Age” and with the new arrivals of “Neon Life’ & ‘Scope’ which stormed the charts on the major continents – M.I.K.E. Push became a resident on One World Radio [Tomorrowland] with his show ‘Universal Nation’ 



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