Naomi Lareine

Naomi Lareine is known for her bitter-sweet dulcet tones that sit perfectly amidst her sophisticated, R&B-tinged releases. Hailing from Zurich, Naomi is a young singer recognized as one of Switzerland’s most promising voices.
Her delivery of uniquely gentle melodies, alongside powerfully led riffs and exquisite vocal control make Naomi stands out. The narratives she creates reflect her personal experiences, resulting in music developed organically with authenticity.

The tracks “Issa Vibe” and “Get It” built Naomi’s reputation as a dynamic, innovative, forward-thinking artist and through these releases she has cumulated a diverse and engaged audience. Since her musical recognition has grown, Naomi featured on the Swiss electro producer Cella’s work. The feisty “Tell Me” release caught the attention of even more key tastemakers in the field, as well as having the sought-after spot of ‘song of the day’ on the biggest national radio station in Switzerland.

After an amazing year in 2019, with shows at big festivals in Switzerland and several TV and radio appearances, she was nominated for “SRF 3 Best Talent” at the Swiss Music Awards 2020 and the “Best Breaking Act” at the Lyrics Magazin Awards. Additionally, she was part of a QUEEN tribute show by SRF Kultur (Swiss National Television), shown on TV and later online, covering and reinterpreting the famous hit “Another One Bites The Dust”. 2021 started strong with the release of her newest single “Limitless”, which is tied into an ambassador partnership with MAGNUM. She is the face of their newest flavour; Double Gold Caramel Billionaire.

“Limitless” is the first taste of future projects to come. Staying true to her undeniable rhythm it will be an enticing dose of modern R&B music full of turbulent tales. She will continue to celebrate and explore the evolution of traditional R&B, with delightfully cheeky twists.

Alongside her many achievements in music, Naomi isn’t afraid to fight for a better world. She stands up for human rights, women’s rights and social acceptance of all. Naomi acknowledges her platform as a vocalisation and celebration of differences and individualism


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