With an extensive background in both music and programming, SICKOTOY is one of the most raved about music producers of the moment. Growing up in Europe, SICKOTOY was always consumed by a musical wanderlust that drove him to spend a lot of time travelling, getting a deep understanding of diverse cultures and musical styles. Through his travels he got to meet a wide array of musical personas, from inexperienced yet talented youngsters, to already well established artists from around the world.  


The artist has since developed a truly unique sound, bringing a distinctive flavour of Arabic club sounds with heavy bass lines and piercing beats with which he has already accomplished several chat toppers. SICKOTOY creates a profound feel to each and every track he works on, resulting in many successful collaborations with an array of well-known international artists including Pitbull, Ilkay Sencan, INNA and many more. 


Besides his enumeration of successful national and international collaborations, SICKOTOY is also the winner of a Grammy for “The Best Latin, Rock & Urban Alternative Album”, obtained through his collaboration with Pitbull, Mohambi and Wisin for “Baddest Girl In Town”. Also releasing his own productions, SICKOTOY released his debut track “Addicted” feat. Minelli, which had amazing success as the song ranked #1 in Shazam Romania and conquered local airplay charts. With many more successful releases and collaborations racking up over 100 million streams across his discography. SICKOTOY has penetrated radios internationally, topping Romanian airplay charts and conquering digital charts and listeners worldwide with his productions. His next release ‘Bad Girls’ features the huge collaboration with INNA, Antonia and Eva Timush and is due to drop on the 18th August. SICKOTOY is a truly mercurial artist, so turn up the volume, listen up and get lost in those sick vibes!  


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