As one of the hottest up and coming projects in the Israeli electronic music scene, Stereotype has made a name for themselves domestically and internationally. The project consists of duo Adam and Leon, who have set out to excite the ears of their fans through eclectic rhythms and raw beats few can match.

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Adam grew up in a conservative family with old fashioned views. His musical journey started at the young age of seven where he began playing the accordion, progressing to piano, guitar and eventually into vocal and music theory. By the age of thirteen, Adam became a self-taught wizard in electronic music synthesis and had managed to translate his musical abilities from his younger years into legitimate productions in a matter of months. In his late teens, Adam moved from Russia to Israel by himself, seeking new opportunities. Here, he met Leon, a seasoned breakdancer and musician from the outskirts of Tel Aviv. 

Ever since he was a young kid, Leon had always been intrigued by many different styles of music ranging from Jazz to Rock and Hip Hop. However, Leon fell in love with dubstep during his teenage years after being exposed to Skrillex’s hit tune ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits’, which became his personal inspiration to become an electronic music producer. Dedicating himself day and night, he concentrated on refining his skillset instead of socializing with friends in order to take his aspirations to the next level. Later on, Leon moved to Tel Aviv, the nightlife and music hub in the middle east, where he continued to follow his dreams with laser focus.

Without either of the artists having their own studio in 2014, the two producers met up for the first time and were able to have their first music session, which blossomed into their debut record as a duo. Since then, the Stereotype project has been running at full speed, with many fruitful ventures including a euphoric remix for Odesza. The boys take inspiration from Japanese culture, which can be seen in their branding and styling, all the way through to their sound, and one of their top hits is ‘Tokyo’, which has garnered attention from industry heavyweights such as The Chainsmokers, who regularly play the track while touring.

Since becoming full-time artists, Adam and Leon’s focal point has been maintaining a worldwide network of collaborations. They believe the wide breadth of different cultures they introduce into their music gives their productions a fresh edge in today’s homogenous dance music world. Some of their collaborations include vocalists from The United Kingdom, Norway, the USA, and the Netherlands. Additionally, the duo honed in on some key collaborations with influencers such as the UK’s Goubtube and other internationally recognized names, which have helped elevate the project’s status.

Stereotype’s vision became apparent at the turn of the decade, with quality releases on labels such as Trap Nation’s Lowly, NCS, and GQR. Along with their highly regarded releases, the duo has a long-awaited debut album that has been in the works for almost five years now. The album, forthcoming on Lowly, focuses on the broad spectrum of electronic beats from the collective mind of Stereotype, filled with harmony and exhilaration. The resulting album is full of emotion and passion, the key themes that Stereotype aim to portray in their music.

Stereotype has grown a dedicated, loyal fan base, coming a long way from bedroom producers to prodigies. As their authentic sound continues to solidify itself within the music world, Stereotype continue to excite. Adam and Leon will always break boundaries while continuing to follow their humble vision long into the future.



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