Tez Cadey


In 2015, Tez Cadey composed a track, called ‘Seve’, in his student room in Lille. His track was streamed five billion times, quickly making a name for himself amongst the best French electroartists.

He quickly embarked on an international career, travelling the world to play, especially in Asia where ‘Seve’ became really popular thanks to a series of viral videos. He spent a big part of his student years travelling the world to work as a DJ. As a kid, Tez Cadey had grown up in Belgium,the US and France and as a result, he wasn’t too unsettled by this lifestyle and he quickly adapted to the requirements of this international career.

Between 2016 and 2019, Tez Cadey played internationally. In 2018 he released his first album and at the end of 2019, just before the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns, he was touring in the States. Following these busy three years, Tez Cadey felt the need to focus on music again andreconnect with the pleasure of composing music spontaneously.


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