Topias Taavitsainen

Player Age: 21



Team: OG

InGame Role: Mid

“LOSER !” 

And thus he invokes himself ! How can you be this good at both slaying the mid lane AND being such an entertainer ? Ask Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. 

On top of winning his first ever Valve event  (which happened to be The International 2018) with unmatched perseverance, Topson basically established a new style of midlane gameplay in the course of two years. He just stayed true to his style the whole time. And it paid off, since he’s now the most TI crowned midlaner ever, as well as the taunting god. 

He has only been active as a professional Dota player for two years, and look what he’s accomplished already. 

Topson still has a long story of his to write for sure, but I think we can safely say that he started off the right foot.


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