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Needing a track to encompass the excitement of a booming club, veiled in the eagerness for love and escapism? YouNotUs, Ilkay Sencan and Marmy have the perfect fit for you with their upcoming single ‘Darkroom’.  

“I got your taste on the tip of my tongue / I think I fell in love in the Dark Room babyYouNotUs, Ilkay Sencan, and Marmy flawlessly capture the sensation of feeling the heat in the disco. With this exhilarating dance track, they draw you even deeper into the experience of finding love and liberation and how all the greatest things go down in the discotheque”. 

The heavy bass beat throughout creates an almost bouncing drone like sound which perfectly replicates that of one’s heartbeat while in the heat of the moment dancing in the disco. The variation in the dynamics and the alternating beat throughout invites us into the experience of the excitement of a ‘Darkroom’.  

This dance pop hit is the introduction to spring that will hold your attention and ensure that every time you listen, it is like experiencing all the delights of a first listen once more.    

YouNotUs x Ilkay Sencan feat. Marmy ‘Darkroom’ is out now! 


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